How to Train your Gamer Volume 5

The chapters in this fifth volume of “How to Train your Gamer” cover some important aspects of Gaming psychology and the positive emotions that gaming generates as well as some unfortunate feelings and unhealthy emotions such as frustration, anger, and disappointment.

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This is the fifth volume by Ronnie Rebona and within these chapters he looks at the different factors that contribute to emotions when we indulge ourselves in perpetual imagination and spontaneous response. These feelings generate positive emotions such as joy, thrill, and a sense of imagination.

This book has been written as part of a series that looks at video gaming and mental health and is a gamer’s go-to guide to understanding our emotions, what they mean and how to control them.

It's reading will take you from a virtual world to one where everything you have ever wished for is available in the reality of your own life by maximising your true potential and is a must read for everyone.