How to Train your Gamer Volumes 1 to 5

The How to train your Gamer volumes have been written to help gamers understand their feelings and emotions in order to maximise their true potential both in game and in real life.

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These books were written as an alternative view on mainstream gaming psychology and are a gamer’s antidote to turning unhealthy states of mind into positive actions.

Not even seen as written chapter by chapter, more level by level for the ease of gaming advantage and access for future reference.

The reading from volume 1 will take you from a virtual world, to one where everything you have ever wished for is available in the reality of your own life. The subsequent 4 volumes provide an invaluable reference to understanding our feelings and using our emotions to our best advantage.

Written with simple exercises to promote the possibility of maximising your true potential and is a must read for everyone.

These books are based upon easy learning's, easy understanding’s, easy reading's and more importantly, from experiencing the hard lessons and knocks in life that humble oneself to help change the lives of others for the better in the form of a comprehensive reference to our emotional wellbeing.

Some gamers will instantly connect with all that is written to the end, some gamers will start reading and put these away for another rainy day.

If read until the end, the subjects in these volumes can be used as a reference throughout your life.