About RQR

Rage Quit Remedy is a range of new video game supplements, designed to maintain player’s performance through consumables.

Formulated to provide increased concentration powers, less aftermath fatigue, provide well-being and balance to your immune and central nervous system in addition to keeping your mind healthy to increase positive gaming experiences.


Rage Quit Remedy
brings a balance to gameplay

Rage quit remedy is the new, all-natural way to get a competitive edge over the opposition and meet the psychological and physical demands that gaming requires.

Rage quit remedy’s goal is to become the best and healthiest natural video game hydration choice to the market and help those that love games to enjoy a more healthy, balanced, playing experience.

Rage quit remedy products contain a number of natural ingredients which are scientifically proven to have a range of benefits on human health and function.

Our products are not purely aimed at helping you to improve gaming, we want players to look after themselves away from the screen and controller too. Sometimes we forget just how much this can impact our health as well as the way we perform. We want to give gamers a healthier and more beneficial alternative.

Rage Quit Remedy was found to promote neurogenesis, thus reducing the damage to cognitive functions caused by age, disease, and trauma. The benefits of our products help to reduce pain, improve sleep, regulate appetite, it can also help to regulate mood disorders as well as blood sugar levels.

Rage Quit Remedy is a new lifestyle brand for gamers


Don’t let your temper become the boss you can’t beat.
Beat the rage with a remedy.