How to Train your Gamer Volume 1

Ronnie Rebona was once described by his best friend as a neon light:

“No matter how dark, he will always shine”

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He wrote this book as a holistic alternative view on mainstream gaming psychology and is a gamer’s go-to guide to understanding better mental health and human well-being.

Gamers find freedom in a new world, a virtual one where possibilities are as endless as the open worlds they explore, this freedom is a gamers peace of mind.

Freedom is found within, by liberating ourselves from our own internal struggle with life and its circumstance, and with this comes peace.

Our shackles are our own internal struggle, our angst and anger, our worries and frustration, our greed and fears from being free.

If you are willing to take a chance and download this text into your internal hard drive you will soon hold the key to freedom in your hand.